Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security Approach

The threat from cyber attacks is increasingly perceived as a problem of national and international security as cyber attacks grow in number and sophistication, and as actors behind them are no longer only private hackers and organized criminals, but also states.

Nation states need to seriously address the way to protect their information networks – especially those related to national security and critical infrastructure - from any attacker. But recent developments have shown that there is more to this debate than the solution of technical questions, in particular as many technical problems do not seem solvable at all. A holistic approach that includes international norms of behavior and regulation to ensure the peaceful use of cyberspace is needed. To enable such an approach, an education framework should be established first.

ISS Research Paper on Confidence-Building Measures in Cyber

This paper by ISS research fellow Kristina Sander aims to elaborate the development of confidence- building measures (CBMs) in cyber after outlining traditional CBMs and their origin in the last century. Furthermore, the challenges for confidence-building in cyber, derived from the attribution of cyber-attacks, geographical linking of boundaries in cyber space, and the unequal capabilities of nation states are discussed.

ISS Research Paper
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